Children's Yamaha Music School

Music Classes and Private Lessons in Edina & Roseville


New Students: New Yamaha group classes start each year in February (Spring Semester) and August (Fall Semester), new students can begin at either time, or on a rolling basis for Music Friends. New private lesson students can start at the beginning of a semester or on a rolling basis, subject to availability. Enrollment from fall to spring is automatic (except for MW).

Returning Students: Students must re-enroll online each summer for the upcoming school year. Early summer re-enrollment helps us to ensure that there are enough students enrolled to run your class & also helps us to order the correct amount of materials in time for when classes begin!  For Music Friends & Private Lessons, early summer re-enrollment reserves your preferred time slot! Enrollment from fall to spring is automatic.

There are two (24-week) semesters in each Children's Yamaha Music School year and they are divided into two (12-week) quarters per semester. Tuition is due approximately two weeks before the start of each new quarter.

The tuition due dates for each quarter are:
Quarter 1: Due August 1
Quarter 2: Due November 1
Quarter 3: Due February 1
Quarter 4: Due May 1

There will be a $25 late fee applied if payment is not received within seven business days of the due date and an additional $25 will be added to the balance at the start of every month going forward.

The preferred method of payment is via Credit Card (online only). With credit card payments, tuition is automatically charged to your credit card on or after the quarterly tuition dates noted above.

Enrollment fees are due at the time of enrollment. Enrollment fees are not refundable.

When enrolling for a class online via credit card, you also authorize Children's Yamaha Music School (CYMS) to again charge your credit card on a quarterly basis for the purpose of making tuition payments. You can change or update your credit card information at any time by logging in to your account. Payment information will need to be updated each school year.

This authorization will remain in effect for the remainder of the school year unless you notify CYMS (via email) to cancel the Tuition Payment Authorization within at least 7 days prior to the next tuition due date.

To cancel your Tuition Payment Authorization, please send an email to from the primary email address on your CYMS account.


Fluctuations in interest are perfectly normal and should not signal an end to the musical training of your child. Please consult your teacher before make any decisions about lesson termination.

Tuition refunds will be given in accordance with the following schedule:

Formal written notification must be given to the office (via email).
Teacher notification is not considered formal notice of withdrawal.
Non-attendance is not considered a withdrawal.
Enrollment fees are non-refundable.
Full refunds will be given in cases of insufficient enrollment that results in the cancellation of a class.
Refunds may take approximately 30 days to process.
Refunds are subject to a $20 processing fee.
Withdrawal prior to the start of a quarter: full tuition refund
Withdrawal prior to the 2nd scheduled lesson: 50% tuition refund
Withdrawal after the 2nd scheduled lesson: no refund
Any student withdrawing from the program will be required to pay a $33 re-instatement fee to return.
No tuition discounts or refunds will be given for student vacations or breaks from lessons.

One special recital will be held each semester for all students and is paid for as a class.

Missed Group Lessons: Teachers will make homework assignments available via email for missed group lessons.  If you miss a group lesson you may attend another class of the same level as a makeup (subject to availability). Please email your teacher to schedule any makeup lessons. No refunds or pro-ration will be given for missed classes. All cancelled group lessons because of teacher absence will be made up.

Missed Private Lessons: Private lessons cancelled by the student may be made up at the teacher's discretion with a minimum of 24 hours notice. Please respect our teacher's busy schedules by limiting make up requests to one per semester. Please email your teacher to schedule any makeup lessons. Private lessons cancelled by the instructor will be made up at another time during the semester or between semesters.

Please contact your teacher to verify the status of lessons during times of inclement weather or other emergencies. Please note that CYMS does not necessarily follow the weather cancellation decisions or scheduled breaks of the local public schools. One snow day per school year may be cancelled each school year for each day of the week without a make-up, every subsequent cancellation will be rescheduled.

The initial $110 enrollment/materials fee for JMC1 or YMC1 covers enrollment and materials for the first semester only. When a student moves to J2 or Y2 in the spring, an additional $55 in materials is due at that time and will automatically be applied to your Feb 1 online payment. When a student moves to J2 or Y2 in the fall, the returning student enrollment/materials fee of $110 applies, which will cover the entire school year.

Each beginning JMC, YMC or MF class has an average of 6-12 students. Classes meet for 55 minutes. Classes with 3 students will be 45 minutes, classes of 2 students will be 35 minutes. Music Wonderland classes meet for 45 minutes. Classes may need to be combined or cancelled due to insufficient enrollment (refunds will be offered as appropriate).

Please do not bring younger siblings to class. If you must, please ensure they are not distracting others.

Our courses are strategically designed for specific age groups. Students must meet the following age criteria to start:
Music Wonderland - Student must be 3 years old by Aug 1 (Fall) or Feb 1 (Spring).
Junior Music - Student must be age 4 years old by Aug 1 (Fall) or Feb 1 (Spring).
Young Musicians or Music Friends - Student must be 6 years old by Aug 1 (Fall) or Feb 1 (Spring).

CYMS reserves the right, and may give permission to its photographer or outside media, to photograph classes, programs and participants at all our facilities and properties. Please be aware that these photos are for promotional purposes and may be used in future publications and media communications. By participating in the Music School classes and programs, you consent to the taking and publication of your photograph for these purposes. If you do not wish your child or yourself to be photographed or videotaped, please notify the school office via email at

For any additional questions or clarifications, please email us at