Children's Yamaha Music School

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Parent Testimonials from Children's Yamaha Music School Families

Yamaha has given our daughter so much confidence. We hoped Yamaha would enhance her love for music but we never expected the wealth of knowledge and poise it provides. Thank you!

We love our teacher and believe that our daughter would not have stuck with private lessons, the group lesson are lots more fun for her. She enjoys all the other kids in the class.

Both my kids really enjoy their classes. They look forward to going. Their teacher is very enthusiastic and patient.

Yamaha's group lessons motivate young musicians and their parents to practice at home.

Yamaha offers the great curriculum so that my daughter is developing various skills in music quickly. She loves the teacher who is musically knowledgeable and passionate.

Yamaha, with its fun and active curriculum and group classes, is probably the only piano class I would consider for my active and easily distracted 4-year-old boy. 10-15 minutes of daily practice is a big commitment for the parent, but I think our son is getting a great early music & piano education.

I think my girl would have probably given up if she were not in group lessons. Yamaha not only provides a fun piano learning environment for young children, but also helps my child to enjoy music and singing. That's why I insist we stick with Yamaha and I will put my little boy in Yamaha in the future when he reaches the age.

Excellent experience -- I'd do it all again in a minute. Money well spent. Excellent teachers are what keep us coming back.

My son is so used to performing because of Yamaha, that he has no problems with speaking in front of people and remains cool, calm, and focused in pressure situations.

On weekends, my oldest son likes to wake up and go to the piano and start jamming and improvising. Hearing him and watching him transformed by the experience is neat. Makes the experience of making breakfast a lot more enjoyable!

An unexpected benefit: our son completed the JMC program two years ago, and we're convinced that his confidence to perform anything in front of an audience-- singing, speaking, oral book reports in school -- is the direct result of learning to perform weekly in front of his Yamaha classmates and teachers at a young age. It's a skill that will undoubtedly serve him well in many areas of his life ahead.

If I hadn't seen it for myself, I would hardly believe what my 5 year old can play on the piano.

Mrs. Mitchell is an extraordinary teacher--she has experience, patience, enthusiasm, she really knows how to keep the kids focused and excited about music. My son loves coming to class to see her and the other kids. He likes to surprise her with his practice record.

I am in my 12th semester in the same time slot with the same teacher. I have seen the benefit of starting children young, mine are great musicians and excellent students. They get straight A's and have good routines. I attribute that to their established Yamaha practice routines before they even started Kindergarten.

Our son recently transferred to a private instructor after several years of Yamaha group classes and his new teacher has praised his ear for music and his ability to pick up a tune after hearing it played. I chalk it up to Yamaha. The curriculum and the emphasis on singing along with playing, does a great job of training children to really hear music. I think that gives them a strong foundation.

Yamaha made performing in public natural for my children. They have no qualms about recitals. I remember when my somewhat shy daughter volunteered to sing a solo her first year. I was surprised she did so, but she was so comfortable with Yamaha, it was easy for her.

Yamaha is a fantastic Music school. The teachers are excellent, and the pace is right to keep the kids interested. Having group lessons also helps with performance, peer pressure to keep up with practices, and keeping the interest fresh. I am a walking billboard for Yamaha.

Not only has Yamaha helped my children in music, it has helped my children in other ways. My daughter was very shy when it came to playing solo pieces and got extremely nervous at recitals, to the point where she refused to play, but her teacher was very patient and encouraging. Now she still gets nervous in front of audiences, but has a developed a sense of confidence in herself during performances and when having to do presentations for school.

I am amazed at how quickly my child has learned to play well. The songs are fun and the instructor is very engaging. He really challenges the kids!

Teacher Liz is excellent. She is very engaged and enthusiastic. She uses a wide variety of activities. She has an excellent voice and sang frequently to help teach the solfege. She is also plays very well and is a good role model. She does a very good job of maintaining control of the class, quickly and gently but firmly correcting inappropriate behavior like playing notes during listening times or jumping around when it is time to pay attention.

It was amazing to see how excited my 4 year old was after the first day of class. She was keen on practicing piano everyday. She loves to sing the songs she learnt all the time.

Our son is very proud of himself for having persisted in practicing. He started in JMC1 at 4yrs and is now 9yrs and in JMC7.

The Yamaha music course is a wonderful adventure for both child and parent. The themes of the books and the music to go along with them are so much fun. Plus the way music is taught, by listening to the music and singing the notes first, is just so much more fun than the way I learned.

As a very young and shy four year old entering in the fall, our daughter has really opened up, and become much more confident and outspoken since we started at Yamaha. She has gained skills not just in music and piano, but socially as well.

Once a year we go home to Germany and our children visit their three cousins who also take classes at Yamaha music school, using the same materials in their language. Then we compare books and texts, CDs and play the songs to each other which is quite fun for everybody. Our son also visited classes as guest in Germany and my sister's daughter came to our son's lesson here and played along. This way Yamaha feels pretty international to us.